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      • Advantages of high efficiency and energy saving three barrel dryer
      • 1, the dryer is scientific and reasonable, high efficiency and energy saving. The heat exchange between the inner cylinder and the hot gas is carried out in the form of radiation, convection and conduction. Heat exchange is carried out in the outer cylinder for conduction and convection. The heat efficiency of the dryer is high and the energy saving effect is remarkable. After testing, the thermal efficiency is much higher than that of the traditional dryer 50%. When the equipment is put into operation, the effect of coal saving is remarkable.
        2. The machine adopts material and hot air flow downstream drying process, and has wide application scope. It can be used to dry all kinds of raw materials such as clay, coal, slag, iron powder and so on. It is also suitable for drying various bulk materials in metallurgical and chemical industries. The structure is compact. The whole machine level layout, the support wheel support, the cancellation of the gear transmission, replace it with the wheel drive, so that the equipment installation is more convenient, more simple operation, more reliable operation, higher operation rate.
        3, the outer surface area of the machine is more than 30% less than that of the single barrel rotary dryer, and the outer cylinder has the effect of heat insulation and heat insulation on the inner cylinder, the surface temperature of the outer cylinder is low, the heat loss is less, while the efficiency and energy saving, the working environment and labor conditions are greatly improved.
        4. The design of various feeder boards, the organic combination of the corner shaped feeder board and the X type feeder to make the material exchange more fully with the hot flue gas and reduce the mechanism of "wind tunnel" in the barrel of the dryer.
        5. Adopt variable frequency speed regulation, adjust cylinder rotation speed, according to the incoming water and output requirements, adopt proper speed to ensure the needs of the next working procedure. The automatic temperature monitoring system makes the operation more convenient.
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