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      • Pulse bag filter for boiler
      • The YDMC series pulse bag duster produced by our company is a new type of high effective long cloth bag duster developed by our technical personnel for reference to the advanced dust removal technology at home and abroad. It is widely used in power, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries, such as boiler, dust removal, material recovery and dust control. It is a large dust removal equipment with large air volume, good dust cleaning effect, high dust removal efficiency, small area, stable operation, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. The product is produced by modular production and stable in quality. It has been successfully applied in power, cement, steel and other industries, and can be widely applied to metallurgy, foundry, power, building materials, mining, chemical industry and other industries.

        In view of the current situation of dust removal and dust remover equipment of coal fired boilers at home and abroad, after extensive analysis, on the basis of the mature technology of YDMC pulse bag filter, we have added a series of protection and detection systems to complete the design of cloth bag dust remover for coal-fired boilers, and it has been obtained on many projects.  To the application and inspection (see user performance table).
        The YDMC pulse bag filter used by our company has applied a lot of proprietary technology. These proprietary technologies have been recognized by various design institutes and experts, and have been tested in practice.  Mainly: high efficiency pulse injection technology: the reasonable selection of the new type of low resistance, high efficiency and long life diaphragm electromagnetic pulse valve, the unique design and processing method of the blowout tube, the design of the bypass system and the on-line cleaning system, make the cleaning way of the bag dust collector completely changed.
        1. application technology of high temperature resistant filter material: combining the characteristics of the flue gas of coal fired boiler in our country, using the PPS filter material with high performance price ratio, and treating the fiber with PTFE membrane, the problem of high temperature of boiler flue gas, the ordinary filter material can not bear and the ordinary filter life is short, and the performance and price ratio of the filter material is also taken into account.
        2. off-line maintenance technology: the application of the new type of lifting valve technology, to realize the non stop maintenance function of the dust collector, (offline, online ash cleaning method can be selected arbitrarily). The protection device of the lifting valve eliminates the fault of the precipitator caused by the lifting valve problem, thus ensuring that the boiler will not be affected by the dust collector.
        3. protection technology of dust collector: the application of on-line inspection equipment, such as internal bypass system, pre spraying device, temperature measurement and moisture measurement, and so on.
        4. detection and monitoring technology: according to the characteristics of the boiler dust collector, the advanced on-line detection and monitoring equipment, such as the temperature, humidity, the detection of the operating pressure of the dust remover, the detection of the material position, the fault detection of the running equipment, can be set up, and all the measurement, supervision, control, alarm, protection and interlocking in the bag dust collector can be completed. And other functions, can monitor the operation of the dust remover at any time.
        5. PLC programmable controller technology: using the PLC programmable controller provided by SIEMENS company, with the communication interface with the system DCS, the bag filter can be controlled by hand / automatic control.
        6. resistance control of the equipment: through a series of unique considerations in the design of the equipment, the safety and reliability of the overall resistance of the equipment is guaranteed from the two aspects of the equipment structure and the filter material.
        The application of the above advanced technology ensures that our company's dust catcher has first-class technology and excellent price performance ratio.

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