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      • Technical innovation of environmental equipment enterprises in China needs to be strengthened
      • In the legal system of our country, the technical standard of industry and product is not included. The existing technical standard system is confused and the technical standard is too low. It is not suitable for the fair competition in the domestic market, and it is difficult to support the products to open up the international market. This leads to the lack and backwardness of the legal environment, resulting in enterprises not paying enough attention to the mandatory and rigid role of technical standards. Most enterprises do not understand the technical standards and the fine requirements of the product technology in the legal system of developed countries, do not understand the technical restrictions of the importing countries, and have a huge negative effect on the short term interests in the operation. There is a huge gap between China and the international standard system, which directly causes the low competitiveness of our products, and there are great differences and incomparability with the quality, specification, cost and environmental protection index of foreign products.
        In addition, the technology of our enterprises is hard, the automation rate is low, the quality management level is not high, and the products are hard to meet the technical standards of developed countries. If the solar vacuum collector glass tube is required to be smooth, uniform and high permeable, and the enterprises in our country are limited by the technical level of production technology, glass furnace and workers, there are many gas line bubbles on the drawn glass tube, which does not conform to the quality requirements of the importing country. In China, the heat glass tube industry has developed for more than 20 years since the beginning of 80s. At present, there is no one state and perfect authoritative detection institution, and the inspection institution set up by local provinces and cities is still used in the country in 70s and 80s. It is difficult to achieve the accuracy and credibility of the data.
        The environmental protection equipment enterprise is a high-tech enterprise with the technology innovation and business model innovation, its innovative technology represents the international advanced technology level, has a certain international competitive advantage, and belongs to the national strategic new industry. The production of environmental protection regeneration equipment is used in the circuit board enterprise's cleaner production equipment system. The innovative business model is to provide unpaid circuit board production enterprises with their own production of environmental protection equipment, to install and provide technical support, and the ownership of the equipment has not been transferred. The recovered copper is shared by environmental protection equipment enterprises and circuit board enterprises. PCB manufacturers are zero investment, zero financial risk and high return. Compared with the old model, PCB not only shares the income benefit of copper recovery, but also saves a huge amount of water cost and water cost, and achieves the sharing of high tech results and profit, and achieves the multi win of economic and social benefits.
        However, according to the point of view of the local environmental protection bureau and the administrative punishment behavior, after the installation of environmental protection equipment to the circuit board production enterprise, the complex and time-consuming environmental impact assessment report is required to be approved, which brings huge trouble and time cost to the circuit board enterprise, thus blocking the market potential of the innovative technology and causing the failure to operate. Go.
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